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Kathleen is hands down my favorite Yoga instructor! When It comes to relaxation, stress relief and feeling grounded she can't be beat. Her class is paced amazingly well, the smaller class sizes insures she always has time to make sure your comfortable, doing the positions correctly, and knowing where to concentrate on the experience each pose brings. I never step out of one of her classes with any of the stress and tension that I may have brought in.
Jason W.
What people are saying . . .
Kathleen is an excellent Yoga teacher.  Her sessions have both components of higher exertion and relaxation, with smooth transitions connecting them.  She is sensitive about the different needs of her students and gears the activities to the level of the group.  I felt able to participate in the way I could with no sense of competitiveness nor shame if I could not keep up with the others.  Her sense of humour lightens the sessions and her caring for the well being of her students was evident.  I got a good work out and a groundedness in my body which I really appreciated.  I have practiced yoga with a number of different teachers over the years, and I think Kathleen is one of the best I have experienced.  I would happily recommend Kathleen to any level of yoga practitioner.
Susan G.

I had no yoga practise prior to taking classes with Kathleen and even as a beginner, she has taught me how to develop a new relationship with my body.  Through gentle hatha and restorative postures, she has helped me regain my flexibility and strength. This has been especially important to my body image and self-acceptance post-illness. She is gifted in her ability to guide students through postures that can be adapted for any body and level. She is gentle but clear which builds confidence in her students – especially helpful for students like me who are learning the fundamentals. She also utilizes a range of yoga tools which keep classes engaging and challenging! Thanks to Kathleen, I am committed to integrating yoga into my routine moving forward.

Heather K.

I have been going to Kathleen's evening class for several years now and am also going to her Saturday morning yoga.  Kathleen is a highly experienced teacher who puts a lot of thought and creativity into her classes and really cares about each person’s experience.  Her classes are welcoming, gentle and fun – perfect for the stressed out mind and body.  Her restorative classes work like magic – so much so that it makes you want to stay for a sleep over.

Wendy M.

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